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AR and Collections

Resource Centre

This is the home for the all the resources that we have created for all things that aid in managing your receivables. From Whitepapers to AR KPI calculators, from Webinar videos to product demo/feature videos, you will find a lot of your queries getting resolved here.  Whether you use numberz AR or not! 

In case you wish us to cover a few more topics, please feel free to write to us.

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Why Improve AR?

These critical CFO/Management resources, help assess the need for improving the Receivables and Collection Process - including ROI!

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White Papers

Quick -read-up addressing specific areas to help you get some perspective around AR and Collections.

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Which AR KPIs to monitor? What should be the priority? The need-to-have AR KPIs  calculators!

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Client interviews and Webinars.   Company information to Product features. Here are the select videos you need to bookmark! 


Blog Articles

Articles from our editorial team covering varied topics around receivables and collections.

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Case Studies

Specific use cases pertaining to industries we serve. And clients that have benefitted. From manufacturing to hospitality and more 

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External Resources

Some interesting links to other articles that might provide you with more food for thought!

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