How is your Receivables and Collections Process? Is there a need or scope to improve? How do you fare as compared to peers?

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Fill the below questionnaire and see what the AR Maturity Score of your busines is!

AR Process Maturity


What is AR Maturity Model?

It's not rocket science for sure! Simply put, it a simple model that indicates how sophisticated and responsive is your existing Receivable Management and Collections process.  

The model recognises these FOUR areas as the key to both evaluate your existing AR operations or even to buttress them.

  • People

  • Process

  • Technology

  • Data

The AR maturity assessment provides you with a consolidated score that indicates the organisations Maturity. The score also provides you with the stages of where you currently are, and where you ought to be. Ultimately, the model can act as a way to both create a vision for changes in your AR process as well as a guideline about what needs to be done.

Do note that wile younger organisations can choose to have a lower score - but this model applies equally to all the businesses : irrespective of their size or vintage. 

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In general, as your organisation ages, it should move towards or should already be towards the right of the above chart. The better your scores are the better your AR processes and hence the better your Cash Flows are. The latter ultimately underpins the way your organisation is growing.  

AR Process Maturity Assessment

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