How does numberz pays for itself? And provide you with benefits year on year!


AR and Collections

ROI Calculator

When you implement numberz, you do save costs. The accrued savings helps in recouping the costs for the solution, to begin with. But as you continue to use the AR solution, you also continue to reap benefits. Both those that can be monetized and those that can't be. 

You can attach a $ value to things like savings from 'unstuck' payments, savings from increase in the productivity of finance and operational teams, savings from less time 'invested' in identifying and resolving disputes, savings from reduced efforts in day to day coordination between the teams etc. The below calculator helps you create some of these scenarios to see how much you can save.

But numberz also helps is in the other less-than-apparent areas.  Better visibility to the entire AR data for better decision making. More control over the entire Receivable management and collections process. Insights on better managing the disputes and improve your processes. Reduced heart burn for the entire team and of course lesser management overheads. And $ value of these savings? Priceless!

ROI Scenario Builder

Provide the basic business details and create ROI scenarios that can help with investment decesion.

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